Things Companies Don’t tell you About Multi-Level Marketing

multi-level-marketingAre you thinking of becoming a distributor for a multi-level marketing company? Well, this is a good venture to earn yourself extra money and build a business while working on your own. MLM is a system of retailing in which independent distributors sell consumer products in consumers’ homes. MLM business is very flexible in the sense that you can work at your time with your schedule. This can be a good part-time job as you can work on your own free time.

This is a good business, right? Well, a person trying to recruit you to an MLM company will only tell you what you want to know. The only tell you the advantages of the business so that to entice you to joining. The business has some significant disadvantages that they neglect telling you. This article analyzes and lists down some of the facts you will never hear from a distributor.

1.    You will not make money during your first year

An MLM distributor with tell you how you will make a lot of money by joining them. However, this is not true. According to research, 99.7% of people will lose their money in the multi-level marketing business. A big number right? In statistics, it can be related to about three people in every 1000 distributors.

A good number of those who invest in an MLM business will turn out losing financial proposition. For you to earn a considerable amount of income, you will need to be consistent and hardworking otherwise you may lose all your money.

2.    You will not have immediate sales

If you join an MLM firm with quick money in mind, you will be highly disappointed. You will need to learn more about marketing skills to increase your probability of making good money. The process to marketing expertise might take you between 2-3 years so you will need to be patient.

3.    A cool or unique product does not mean sales

saleJust because a product seems unique and exciting, it doesn’t mean that you will get the sales to earn your income. The product may be good for you but may not have the same impact to your potential customers. It is important to consider the how you will access your prospects to avoid losses as a result of transportation fees.

4.    You may divide your family and friends

Some of the team leaders in an MLM firm will tell you to go after your friends and family with the aim of making sales. With will estrange and antagonize your friends and family members. Bringing up a money concern in your friends and family relationship might cost you their friendship.

5.    The company might be a scam

Without proper research on the company, you may end up signing up for a pyramid scheme. Question the distributor on the company’s business model and what makes them different from other pyramid schemes. If the company is not a scam, the distributor will not hesitate to explain to your these facts.

Consider the following five facts before joining any MLM firm. Remember the recruiters will use enticing languages to motivate you to join their company. Be open-minded and always enquire to avoid losing your money.