Mary Kay Cosmetic Company, Legit or Scam? – Read This Comprehesive Review Before You Join

Mary KayMary Kay is a trusted name when it comes to the cosmetics industry. The company products are produced in the USA with manufacturing plants in Dallas, Texas. The company products are sold my more than one million representatives throughout North America. The company does not sell its products through retail outlets at it makes use of the Multi-Level-Marketing model. The company account to among the largest and most successful MLM cosmetics firms worldwide. The Pink Cadillac is phenomenally associate with the company as an advertising tool. Even to date, the pink car drives around to advertise the company.

About the Company

Network marketingThe company was in 1963 by Mary Ash Kay. Mary left her job to start her first company dedicated to making life more beautiful for women. She wanted to start a company to give her employees a chance to benefit from their hard work, and this formed the foundation of the company’s business model. The company has consultants in about 40 countries worldwide. The company believes in making sure that top performing producers receive positive recognition including the Pink Cadillac.

Company Products

Mary Kay Company makes a wide variety of cosmetic products including skin care, fragrances, make ups, gifts and body care. Others include foaming cleanser, sunscreen broad spectrum, and lifting serum. Night treatments with retinol and eye renewal cream. All these products can’t be listed as the company produces over 200 products.

Why Purchase the Products

Among the most prominent issues worth a praise, concerning the company is the fact that it spends millions of dollars in product testing and research. The company has performed more than 5ook tests to ensure the safety of the products for the customers. The company doesn’t outsource the manufacturing of their products, and they supervise all processes happening in the manufacturing plants.

How to make money with the company

Mary Kay falls in line with other MLM companies in direct sales. There are two main ways of making money with the enterprise. First, is through Direct Sales and Bonus. The other method is through recruitment of others. As with most direct sales companies, not everyone can be successful when deciding to be a consultant.

Mary Kay Pink CadillacAnother benefit of the company is the ability to qualify for the Pink Cadillac. However, there are many aggressive qualifications and hard work that is required, should you think of possessing the car.

To achieve a remarkable succeed in any network marketing business, you need a steady flow of leads. You also need at have access to current market training by the industry leaders. This will make you get armed with the right knowledge and skills to push your business to the next level.

The company is famous by its act of giving out Pink Cadillac cars to the qualified independent sales members who have achieved remarkable transactions. This is a tradition that the company started when its founder bought Pink Cadillac cars and gave them to five of her top most consultants.


MLM Success– As a distributor, you get free training on sales business as part of the company distributorship. This training improves one’s networking and also the social skills to face the market effectively.

– There are good commissions that is associated with making others sign under your mentorship. The Multi-level aspect means that you will earn on your sales and also be paid for what others make.


– The company products are sometimes more priced than the similar ones sold in various retail stores.

– It takes a substantial period to have a successful network. It equally takes a lot of time on training people to possessing the required sales skills.

– The starter kit fee comes at $100 plus the postage and handling charges. You can invest as much as $2,400 on inventory order.

Final Verdict

The only way to decide in a Multi-Level Marketing company is legit or scam through a comprehensive internet search and looking for any filled lawsuits. Honestly, Mary Kay Company stands clean on any claim. Anyone who would call Mary Kay a scam can only do so because they have failed to create a successful Mary Kay business. Multi-level marketing companies are extremely sensitive and could easily be classified as pyramid systems, but this company has firmly stood to build its reputation as a legitimate MLM company to invest in.