Is Forever Living Legit or Scam? – Read Before you join

bewareStarted in 1978 by Rex Maughan, Forever Living Products (FLP) is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that focuses on the healthy living and skin care products. Forever Living is a multi-billion dollar company with locations in over 150 countries and over 9.4 million distributors worldwide. Their products are no different from other health and skin care products except that they add Aloe Vera to all their products. Their products have hiked prices basically due to the added Aloe Vera.

With over three decade’s experience, Forever Living is fully dedicated to seeking out nature’s best sources for health and beauty. Forever Living shares this sources worldwide through their broad range of products which include aloe vera-based cosmetics, beverages, personal care products and nutritional products. They are committed to providing quality and pure products with the aim of helping everyone look better and feel better.

Is it  a scam?


analyzeWith such a successful business, why are their distributors struggling in life? Research shows that over 95% of their distributors are struggling to get a sustainable income. With such statistics, most people categorize Forever Living as a scam. The main reason why people fail while working at Forever Living is that of personality. You must be willing and comfortable to work as a salesperson. Most people are afraid to market and sell the products to friends and family.

You must have an ability to convince people. People would like to know more about the products. For you to make any sales, you must convince them with reasonable facts. You also need to be patient and strive hard and know you can’t make millions overnight.

External factors such as the strategies taught by the Forever Living marketing professional could lead to your failure. Some of these strategies include:

  • Hosting parties at your home
  • Give away samples
  • Creating a list of your friends and family and sell the products to them
  • Set up a meeting between your friends/family and your sponsor
  • Promotional material for the company

These strategies are not well formulated and analyzed leading to failure. For example, if you ran out of leads then you are doomed to fail. You, therefore, need a constant flow of customers to succeed in Forever Living.

Joining Forever Living

Unlike other MLM companies, joining Forever Living is absolutely free. One earns a commission when they sell the products or if one of your downline sells the product. Other advantages of joining Forever Living include:

  • Good overall training for all recruits in the back office
  • Good support from the company. The company has a like-minded community that will help you during your marketing and sales.
  • Your customers can get money refund and replacement if they are satisfied with the products
  • A newbie distributor doesn’t need an initial investment into the business.
  • Forever Living prohibits you from building a large inventory of products
  • If you want to leave Forever living, you can do so without restrictions and hey buy-back all the products purchased for the past six months.

If you choose Forever Living as your road to financial freedom, you must understand that all roads are challenging and needs patience. You need to be well educated on the right marketing and sales skills. Working at Forever Living is a great experience with good income if you have enough skills.