How to get free leads for your Multi-Level Marketing business

word-cloudA lead in a marketing context is a potential sales contact. Leads are quite essential in any successful business and particularly so in network marketing. To become a professional in network marketing, you need to generate enough leads and convert them into sales. Leads are what keep you in the business game. Having a good multi-level lead generation system is the key to achieving success in your home based business. You also need to understand that not every lead is equal in quality or could be converted into a sale. A low-quality one could end up costing your network marketing business, in the long run, eventually costing you time and money. Without leads, your business can quickly collapse beyond survival.

So exactly how do you generate leads or get free ones for your MLM business? Here is our discussion on some of the best free ways to do so;

1. Blogging for Leads

blogSuccess in the field of network marketing is all about building solid networks. A personally branded blog that has quality content, videos and images will enable you connect effectively while online. A WordPress blog is simple to build and can help you interact with your online customers through answering their comments and subscribing to your content. The next step would be to advertise your blog and get leads that are interested in your MLM products.

2. List Building for Leads

A good marketing list is essential for any successful customer acquisition campaign.  With a blog, you can write quality content and build a list of your readers with whom can subscribe and you build a list from there. From the list you create, you can choose the type of campaign you want should it be telemarketing, email, direct mails among others.

3. YouTube for Leads

On a weekly basis, YouTube has a vast number of hits through videos posted by YouTubers promoting products and making a substantial income from the same. You can create videos that promote your products, build a YouTube channel and have your products get to the face of the Internet. Depending on your spending budget, you can utilize YouTube paid advertising feature.

4. Use Craigslist

Craigslist can be a good source of free and immediate leads for your business. You can post few ads on the site to generate vital leads. However, note that posting many ads could get them flagged and removed and have your email address blocked from the site. In case your mail gets blocked, you only need to create another one and avoid posting too many ads at the same time.