How to Create a Business Development Strategy for Your Sales Team

If you want you towing service business to grow, you need to have a business development process that is well organized and consistent. If you are not sure where to start, you must have a conversation on what the business development process is, how to create one and implement it. The business development process refers to steps businesses take to improve the organization as a whole. It includes everything a business does to attract, engage and delight its customers. Outlining this process will help your team understand current business conditions and set goals for the future.

Your sales team needs to understand your business development process because they can use that knowledge to set goals and growth targets. Once you have defined your business development process, you will need to have a plan in place to ensure you stick to the purpose. This is where a business development strategy comes in.

Business Development Strategy

A business development strategy refers to a detailed plan that outlines how an organization will grow and succeed over time. Companies use business development strategies to address specific business needs that influence an organization’s growth. By creating a long-term development plan, units such as marketing, sales, and customer department can have a better understanding of how their work contributes to the growth of a business. When coming up with a plan for a business development strategy, here are some key aspects you need to include;

Mission Statement

The first section you need to include in the mission statement and background. You need to begin your strategy plan by outlining your company’s purpose as well as any other relevant background information. This will include issues such as mission statement, vision statement, and company history. Having this information will be important in making the intentions of your organization to be clear and ensuring anyone who reads your document can understand where you are intending to go.


Before you can start working on or describing your goals and strategies, you need to create an outline of the employees you need to make your plan possible. You need to outline who your sales leadership consists of, the overall structure of your team as well as any other new hires that join the team. Whatever you set will be defined by your chain of commands and will also help you to identify your hiring needs as well as the vacancies you need to fill.

Target Market

Once you have the background information set, the next step is to define your target audience. This comes once you have the background information well set out. You will need to identify who your product or service is designed for, and how you will segment this audience for your sales team. Additionally, you should also discuss who you want to target, and this comes after you have defined your buyer persona.


The next step involves considering the tools, software, and resources needed to ensure your plan comes into action. These may include resources such as CRM, marketing automation, customer service, as well as social media tools. All these assets will streamline functions and store valuable information about your customers. Your sales team should be aware of how each of these tools may be useful when it comes to closing a deal. Your sales team will need to work with different tools to enhance their operations such as making calls, emailing, recording, and following leads, among others.