Why Do People Join Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Companies?

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a type of marketing strategy that involves the sale of products or services through person-to-person sales. This concept requires existing distributors of a direct sales company to recruit new members who are then paid a certain percentage of the sales of their recruits. When established by a reputable company, an MLM can be an attractive business proposition that offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to get involved with a successful business and make money. Before getting involved with an MLM company, it is vital to understand how MLMs work and why people join them.

Multi Level Marketing

How Does Multi-Level Marketing Work?

When you become an MLM consultant, your objective is to sell products or services to other multi-level marketing participants. You can become a member of an MLM company by signing up or applying.

When you make a sale under this strategy, you earn money. You can also earn a percentage of the income that is generated by the distributors that you brought into the program. These individuals make up your ‘downline’. While MLM companies can differ, many of these businesses also offer bonuses for selling a set amount of product or for signing up a certain number of new members.

Why Is Multi-Level Marketing Popular?

While MLM has had a bad rap and is commonly compared to pyramid schemes, countless people continue to join these companies each day. There are a number of reasons why people choose to join MLM companies, starting with the ability to earn money. Starting a business from scratch requires a huge investment, network connections, and strong business skills. Not everyone has these things but that does not mean you can’t make money with these concepts. MLM companies give people the information and resources needed to make money without having to start from scratch.

Some people join MLM companies for the wrong reasons. It is important to understand that these companies do not allow you to “get rich quick.” On the contrary, it takes a lot of work and commitment to build up your business and create a lengthy downline. However, in time you can begin earning more passively as your distributors continue to make money and recruit new members to your team. What makes MLMs so attractive is that they provide members with a community that they can look to for help and guidance. Mentorship is a common trend among MLM companies who want to help their distributors succeed.

Hard work

Getting Started with an MLM Company

Multi-level marketing is a fairly low-risk business model that can result in big rewards. Like any business, your earnings potential is based on how hard you work, meaning there is no real cap on how much you can earn. While MLM takes a lot of work, you are in full control over how many hours you put into the job. If you need to leave in the middle of the day for an appointment or fall ill, you do not have to get approval for time off. You are essentially your own boss. These things and more make MLM a popular home business option.

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How to Get Started in Multi-Level Marketing

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Things Companies Don’t tell you About Multi-Level Marketing

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Is Arbonne Company Legit or Scam? – Read Before You Join!!

arbonneIn 1975, a Swiss gentleman, Petter Morck and a group of biochemists, biologists, and herbalists developed a company that produced skin care products that are based on botanical principles. Arbonne Company developed and sold all its products in Switzerland until 1980 when it expanded to the United States. The botanical products from Arbonne Company have become a reality in the United States, and it is shared throughout the world through Arbonne’s network of Independent Consultants. Arbonne’s product line has since grown to include health and beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits, and results.

Arbonne’s Products

The company focuses on botanical skin care products ranging from aromatherapy, make-up, health, and nutrition. Their products are of high quality and are beneficial to the inward and outward wellness for people of all ages. Arbonne does not hide the ingredients used in making their products. They list all the ingredients on their website with detailed explanations.

The Opportunity

Arbonne International is an MLM company meaning that anyone can grow their business by recruiting others into the business who will in turn recruit others. reviewThe Arbonne’s compensation plan allows one to receive commissions of a few levels and encourages you to grow in width. If you love product parties, hotel presentations, and recruiting your friends and family working as a salesperson at Arbonne may be the right business for you. This business venture, however, requires one to be smart and hardworking to achieve a significant income.

Arbonne provides its independent consultants a lot of incentives and bonuses. Independent consultants are liable to receiving a 35% discount off the retail purchase prices. Consultants can also earn some money for sponsoring clients in their down lines. The consultants can get a complimentary product if they order a Success Park or make a 250 QV purchase during their first month.

If you are planning to join Arbonne International, make sure you have a passion for Arbonne’s beauty products or in the business opportunity. Most people are interested in working with Arbonne due to the low cost of entry to own their business and a chance to be successful. To maximize your Arbonne business venture, you will need to build a large distribution channel thus getting a great opportunity to building a long term positive income.

Is the Company a Scam or Not?

scam-reviewBranding a company as scam is a matter that require much review, research and debate. Soma people think its a scam others think different. The main reason most people believe that Arbonne International is a scam is that of their independent consultants. Arbonne International has a lot of leaders who have different ways of promoting its products and business. This means that the quality of sales varies with different teams and leaders.

Most Arbonne team leaders will request the new members to list down their contacts whom they think might be interested in the products. The new salespersons would then be given a sales script to guide them to call the contacts in the list. The team leaders then propose that you should arrange an appointment with your prospects. The team leader will tag along to show you how to conduct an appointment. If the prospects do not sign up then, you are subjected to follow-up.

The idea of earning a lot of money may not be true. The Arbonne’s consultant team provides the salespersons with a small commission for selling their beauty products. Arbonne has a lower profit margin making the average income of Independent consultants small. When you factor in all of the traveling and face-to-face customer time, you are most likely losing money.

Limiting Areas

Another potential downside to Arbonne is that they limit internet marketing ability. For one to access the internet, you will have to pay for an Arbonne website. The company does not allow its salespersons to recruit people online. With the internet been the future, Arbonne is missing. Arbonne officials claim that the business is only based on relationship marketing but more and more people are moving toward doing more business online.

In conclusion, you cannot earn a good sum of money overnight. Most of the people who think Arbonne is a scam is mostly because they have failed in their marketing. For you to succeed in this venture, you must be a good salesperson with great marketing and lead generation skills. If you are serious about your economic future and would like to earn an income with flexible working hours, I would highly suggest Arbonne International.


How to get free leads for your Multi-Level Marketing business

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Is Forever Living Legit or Scam? – Read Before you join

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Tips to Achieving Network Marketing Success

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Flaws in Multi-Level Marketing Businesses

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