Avon, Legit or Scam? – Read This Comprehesive Review Before You Join

AvonAvon is a Multi-Level Marketing company that has been empowering people through unique earning opportunities for more than 129 years. It is the world’s leading reseller of cosmetic products operating in more than 140 countries in the six continents of the world. It has an annual turnover in excess of $10 billion sales worldwide.

About the Company

Avon began in 1886 by David H. McConnell in New York. It is a multi-billion dollar cosmetics company that has achieved tremendous success and impressive achievement. The company advertises that the cost of joining as a representative is as little as $10. Based on the sales volume that you accumulate every month, you will earn a commission of 20 percent for sales below $145 and as much as 50 percent commission on retail sales amounting to $1,550.

The Compensation Plan

Multi Level MarketingOne is becoming a representative and making sales that generate commission. You start off with a commission of 10 percent and can move up to 50 percent. You do this by selling the products from their catalogs. To achieve success, you must be able to market the products as well as yourself. This means getting people to come and purchase the products.

Another way to earn is becoming a supervisor and getting a 12 percent leadership commission from your team’s sales. This means you have to recruit others to work for you as well as training them to market and sell products and the team. As we write this review, there are more than 5 million representatives worldwide, and this outlines the legality of the company.


– Affordable- The company keeps the cost to get started at a very reasonable rate so as to grasp the masses.

– The company has been doing business for the last 129 years, and that’s totally pre-historic. This is what has built a reputable brand recognizable worldwide.

– Avon provides you with support and stands behind their products. The company has an online training center available for all representatives.

– The company representatives can earn additional income by becoming supervisors. To become a supervisor, you only need to recruit people int your team and teach them how to sell.

– There are great bonuses and incentives as the company provides opportunities for bonuses and chances to earn free products.


Hard work– Achieving success requires many efforts and focus on marketing and promoting.

– Many people complain that it takes a substantial amount of time to move from one sales level to the next. – There is a slow transition to higher levels.

– Although the joining fee is about $10-$20, achieving ultimate success would require additional financial investment as you will spend on advertising, websites, business cards and others.

Final Verdict

Honestly, anyone calling Avon a scam might not understand what exactly a scam is and how Avon works. This company is a very legitimate business opportunity for you to clinch. It is one of the most respected names in direct selling industry and has been distributing high-quality cosmetic products for more than 129 years. The company’s primary strategy are cataloging that you can give out to friends and family. If they would like to order anything, they will tell you. You place the order, and when you deliver it, you collect the money. You, therefore, make 20-50 percent on the price of each item.