Amway Global, Legit or Scam – Read This Comprehesive Review Before You Join

Amway WebsiteThe chances are that someone might have talked to you about becoming an Amway’s customer or distributor. The only way to know about Amway is to conduct a detailed internet research to determine if the company is a scam or not. When doing your review, have in mind that this is a multi-billion dollar company operating in more than one hundred countries globally. It is tough to find a network marketing company making more than $10 billion in annual sales, and have it be a scam. This review provides you with treasured and insightful information, to assist you to make a sound decision about becoming a member.

About Amway

Multi level marketingEarlier known as Quixtar, Amway Global is a company regarded as the grandfather of all MLM companies. The company was the first to implement multi-level marketing strategy in a business in the entire history. The company representatives are referred to as Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and have a common goal, which is to become a top earner. Amway is a legitimate company, and its business model is referred to as based marketing. The company pays distributors a small commission for helping them in the business.


There exist more than 450 varieties if high-quality products that the company offer. Its product line includes; home care products, jewelry, personal care products, electronics, air purifiers, water purifiers, Nutrilite dietary supplements, insurance and cosmetics. The company conducts business through many affiliate companies in more than 100 countries globally.

How to Earn with Amway

Network marketing The company’s compensation plan is referred to as stairstep breakaway. This plan makes distributors earn significant commissions especially if they feature on one of the 5% who reached the top pay plan.

There are three primary ways earn with Amway. These include retail commissions, products sold to customers and monthly bonuses that range from 3% to 25% depending on your monthly productivity. Additionally, there are many trips and other substantial incentives on offer.

How to succeed as an Amway’s Distributor

There are pros and cons of starting any business. This company has been in existence since 1959 and has helped thousands of people in becoming independent business owners who sell physical products. You need to be equipped with the right knowledge of what is involved in Multi-Level Marketing to be successful. You have to recruit people into your Amway business and teach them how to recruit more to grow your pockets with substantial income.


– Legit company with over $10 billion in annual revenue

– The company has been in existence for around 50 years

– Inexpensive to start. An IBO membership cost less than $60 per year.

– Gives opportunity for average people to start home-based business

– Offers some of the biggest bonus in direct sales


– The compensation plan design requires a lot of time and effort.

Hard work – The company’s compensation plan is called a “stairstep breakaway.” It requires a business representative to rebuild a leg (reach 7500 points) which is not so easy.

– Qualifying for sales commissions requires more volume than most other companies. This means that new distributors are kept in the cold for a longer time.

– There exist some negative perceptions of MLM or direct sales from most people, and this affects the legit MLM companies.

Final Verdict

It is not surprising that many people already have an Amway Global MLM business running. The IBOs are given access to high-quality products that they sell and use. There is a structured compensation plan that rewards them for their accomplishments and efforts. The IBOs receive unparalleled support and resources to assist them in their business. If you are considering the fortune at the stake of becoming a top IBO leader at Amway Global, it is a significant deal that gets more lucrative when you climb the sales ladder.