Advocare, Legit or Scam? – Read This Comprehesive Review Before You Join

AdvocareAdvocare is a premier health and wellness company that offer a broad range of products, for individuals in need of energy, nutrition, weight loss and peak performance. As a result of the quality of the products, that company has maintained an excellent reputation with athletes making up the large percentage of the company’s customers. The company’s leaders take great care in ensuring that those who want to join the marketing department get all the training and momentum they need to get successfully started.

About the Company

Multi Level MarketingAdvocare is a Texas-based company that focus on products touching on weight loss, energy and sports performance. Charles Ragus, the company founder, developed the company that now operates under Multi-Level Marketing business model. He quit his job at Herbalife to start Advocare. The company was founded in 1993 and 23 years down the line; it is going strong. This means that it is a good MLM company, and people are interested in it.

Company Products

There are many products that the business makes. These include; 24-Day Challenge, Active, Trim, Performance Elite, Skincare, Advocare Workout Series, among many others. The company has an excellent Medical and Scientific Advisory Board that ensures that products being manufactured are prestigious and of high quality. The nutritional and other products are based on herbal extracts for better results in absorption rates and nutrition balance.

How to make money – Compensation Plan

Advocare presents four ways in which people can make money with this MLM business. Joining up the company offers individuals an opportunity to advance their marketing potential. A distributor can make money with the company in four fundamental ways;

Network marketing(i) Retail Customer – For those customers who use the company products, there is an easy way to become involved. Most clients begin with the company products for their fitness, wellness, and personal weight loss goals.

(ii) Distributor – (20%) – When a customer decides to sign up with the company as a distributor, they earn a commission of 20 percent of the products purchased.

(iii) Distributor (20-40 percent) – This happens when a distributor begins to share any of the company products with others. They get a discount of up to 20 percent making it a good additional income.

(iv) Business Builder (40 percent) – These are full-time advisors who enjoy all the full-time benefits of the company products.


– Individuals can choose to run their business either on a part-time or full-time basis.

– The company offers support and customer service along with a committed team that assists distributors to attain success.

– The company offers training events along a crucial event known as Success School.

– The compensation plan is among the best on the market.


Hard work– You must be highly dedicated and willing to work long and hard putting a lot of time and effort into the business, to achieve tangible results

– You must work your way up to build a network of clients to promote your business.

– Excellent discounts and advantages are realized at the higher levels. Climbing to these levels doesn’t come cheap.

Final Verdict

We have to be honest with ourselves. Any online company that has been in existence for more than 20 Years is NOT a scam. The company has a tried and tested method that has created many successful representatives. There is an opportunity for an income in a fast way, and the business can be a lifetime opportunity for those who are committed and dedicated to succeed.