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The human tendency is created to blame someone or something else when there is a problem in our lives. One subject that has generated a lot of debate and controversy is Multi-level Marketing (MLM). MLM has been marred with a lot of hidden lies and scams that has become big concern for individuals interested in taking advantage of numerous marketing opportunities.

This website is specially designed to assist you in understanding what we mean my MLM, scams involved and helping you understand and avoid these shortcomings especially when starting a home based business. Inadequate knowledge about MLM subject has made many people lose a lot of money, resources and time.

What is Multi-Level Marketing and How Does it Work?

Multi Level MarketingIn multilevel marketing, representatives sell products to the public, often by direct sales and a word of mouth. Primarily, distributors earn commissions for their sales and also from the sales made by others they recruit. This makes some MLM plans not be legitimate. If making money is based on the number of people you recruit, this becomes an illegal pyramid scheme.

Where is the hidden truth?

The pitch is that one will make money by paying to participate in the program and recruiting others to join. (Why should you pay to join and encourage other to pay and join?). This is where the red flag lies. If it is a pyramid, you and your friends will lose money rather than making it!


– Plans that promise profits and commissions mainly for recruiting new members are illegal pyramid schemes

– Be aware that some pyramids disguise themselves as “gifting clubs.”Pyramid

– All pyramid schemes are doomed to collapse

– Legitimate MLM plans only succeed if they offer products or services that customers want

– Sales to other distributors do not count

– Do not buy more supplies that you need.

– Be wary of big earning claims. Check out before you commit

Why we can help

An accurate information about multi-level marketing is not easy to get. Many editors, publishers and broadcasters are not willing to examine this vice in depth. The scamming companies pays communication channels to relay false information according to the interested of these firms. We are highly committed to bringing to your attention unlimited informative content about multi-level marketing, together with reviews of many MLM scams working today.