6 Big Lies About Multi Level Marketing

liesHaving to understand more about network marketing, you probably have to know the products offered by the well-known business gurus in the market. However, looking into such products will always be provided with the same information. To understand how the market operates, one needs to learn in depth the reviews submitted by marketing gurus. This article explores the great lies that revolve around network marketing by examining the most common misconceptions available in the industry.

  1. Everyone is your prospect

Because of this lie, many people have fallen prey of network marketing. They believe that talking to everyone you meet on the street or come within arms with is a potential customer who can be recruited. This type of belief has led to the ridiculous practices such as the three-foot rule and when you are in doubt you blurt it out.

This antic has resulted in damage to the industry’s reputation and destroyed the image and professionalism by making everyone run away from sponsoring people.

  1. This is not for sales. We are just sharing our products with people.

We are just sharing we are not selling! This gives you a warm fuzzy inside, is it? One of the many reasons why people tell this lie is because they do not want to scare away new prospects. However, this lie leads to a huge deficiency to people since they are given false expectations on how easy it maybe to make sales without necessarily have the set of skills required.

Nice and cozy feeling that people will be swept away to tell the rest of the world about the product and they will be swept away with enthusiasm to buy the product is a big lie automatically. Therefore people need to understand that when giving money for something that is no longer sharing but sales.

  1. Anyone can do this.

Seemingly, this seems to be one of the dangerous half-truths in network marketing. It is a misleading belief, and the truth of the matter is not all network marketers are created on the equal platform. Some of the business have an enormous start over others regarding the skills, money and time. And merely because they made a good profit over the last operational months is not a guarantee that when you start the same business, it yield the same results.

  1. We will build your business for you.

can-doA profound belief in many people is that the road to fame, fortune and success is a quick, painless, risk-free and easy business. The foundation of the lie we will build it for you. If this were easy, I bet everyone would be having systems doing everything for them, and each would be driving a BMW.

  1. We have the best product ever.

Most customers look at the company and not the owner. Hence, effective marketing and sales are the most important function of any business. Consider a truck carrying goods from one place to another, in the event; the vehicle breaks down, however, high the product may look like without reaching its destination they won’t have any effect.

  1. You just don’t have enough belief

Millions of most distributors are greeted with this type of lie that they do not get enough most probably because they do not believe enough. Notwithstanding the confidence in your company should be to get a breaking point to propel you to other levels.The proven system

One of the most culminating lies is this. It advocates of just following the business plan because it had worked years ago even if the system is outdated and cannot apply to the contemporary society. It is wise for any business person to get into real sales and marketing to realize right sales margins without having to depend on the proven lies of network marketing.